About Fabian Dattner

One of Australia’s best-known female entrepreneurs, named in the top 100 Women of Influence, Fabian Dattner is widely recognised as a highly effective and creative strategist, facilitator and social entrepreneur.

Last year Dattner embarked on her most ambitious venture: Homeward Bound. A ten year initiative to build a 1000 strong global collaboration of women in science. 7 News called it “The trip of a lifetime” and the project has been featured in major news outlets, from The Sydney Morning Herald to the New York Times.

Dattner is founding partner of Dattner Grant, highly regarded leadership experts. Dattner Grant is the initiator of Women at Their Best, an online community for ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Fabian is widely recognised for her commitment to helping hundreds of men and women with organisations she has built including Compass, a national leadership initiative for women and Second Chance, giving people with a record of offending a chance of a job.